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Michael Young has designed Sabar, this tech-no splendid sex toy in opiate-free plastic. Designed with continuous sensuous super curves to allow full fluid flexibility. Using the principle of nodes and anti-nodes the side panels have been scooped out for maximum vibration. A light switch at the front allows for speed change.

Internationally acclaimed industrial designer, after designing MP3 players, bicycles and interiors for cosmetic surgery clinics, Michael Young turned his hand to designing a sex toy. The uber-stylish result of this effort is the Sabar, a sex toy of contemporary design that has a dual side cut for extra pleasure. It’s multi-speed and is sumptuously packaged with a black velvet carry pouch. A real designer sex toy! 

The Sabar vibrator reflects a fusion of artistry and functionality. The non-phallic shape embraces a progressive aesthetic, breaking away from traditional designs and leading the way in the evolution of pleasure products. As you hold your favorite toy in your favorite spot, you'll appreciate the thoughtfulness of the design, which prioritizes both form and function.

Sabar boasts an easy-touch control panel located at the bottom, ensuring seamless navigation through its multiple modes of pleasure. Whether you prefer a gentle caress or a more intense experience, the intuitive controls allow you to tailor your journey with precision. The whisper-quiet vibrations contribute to an atmosphere of discreet indulgence, providing you with the freedom to explore your desires without interruption.

“Possibly one of the more bizarre briefs we have accepted over the years. This came about whilst working with Base Design as they were branding the company Kiki de Montparnasse for a new store in Green Street, New York.

 — Michael Young


Color: Black

Materials: ABS opiate-free plastic

Battery: 2AAA (not included)


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