MUNDANO was created in 2005, evolving since then "from the interior of the house to the interior of the person".
It started to integrate other dimensions of well-being in its various manifestations.
More than an architectural or design studio/store, it is a multifaceted space of knowledge and expanded sharing in the fields of creativity, connection with oneself, organic food and well-being, small daily pleasures and rituals, creation of moments that bring a sense of comfort to your lives acting as a clear and mindful place in your day.

This translates into what we like to call our HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE.

What do we have to offer?!

Architectural and interior design projects, a space where you can calmly choose your furniture pieces and brand designs that best suit your home or business, perfumes and deep beauty care, books and magazines, the natural and organic gluten free grocery store with professional and certified advice, a complete range of essential oils and products to provide you with the best results of aromatherapy, the cultivation of a sense of connection with yourself that is the key to happiness and where we can reconnect daily, among many other things to discover.

It also offers a natural and refreshing vision of healthy intimacy within a reserved space, where you can discover a selection of award-winning international brands of design pleasure objects that are distinguished by the quality of design and materials with organic certification.
To close the circle, there is the Galeria da MUNDANO, with a regular program that includes sometimes exhibitions, workshops, meditation cycles, Yoga classes and where contemporary dance festivals, artistic residencies, performances and other initiatives have been immersed within us and the spaces we inhabit.


The business is headed by Sofia Assalino e Luís Cavalheiro. Sofia is originally a graphic designer and Luís is an architect but both have been expanding their training areas during these years.

"...all this years working with our clients at MUNDANO, we have selected brands and designers with pieces we believe are useful, aesthetically resolved and well made, with a fair value for our clients, their homes and their lives. We love to present solutions and moments that are inspiring, innovative and really work and fit with our HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE concept.

We carefully choose the pieces that we will live with and that we want to keep for years in our lives. It´s better to have a few good things because this make a lot of sense both economically and ecologically.

We hope you agree with this simple principle, and like what we have to offer you."