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Plant Spectrum
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Plant Spectrum

Plant Spectrum

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From laboratories and farms, to plant shops and fanatics.

Learn why professional growers choose PlantSpectrum as a reliable and long-term plant lighting partner that you can upgrade forever. Its sunlight mimicking spectrum grows any plant in any stage.


  1. True Full-spectrum.

Next to its full-spectrum recipe with a 92% PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), PlantSpectrum is designed to mimick sunlight like no other with its 97+ CRI (Color Rendering Index). This makes plants not only grow tall but also healthy, developing closer to original colors and flavors. Detect issues from the second they develop.

  - High photosynthesis efficiency. 

  - Optimal color, flavor and biomass development.

   - Early detection of issues.

  2. Eternal Performance.

Unfortunatly, current state of the art LED chips start to wear out after 50k hours. (~10 years). However, PlantSpectrum allows you to easily slide in a new LED board. Next to this truely eternal design we guarantee uptime with 4 years warranty on the LED board.

  - A light module to enjoy forever.

  - Infinitely upgradable and replaceable LED board.

  - 4 Year warranty on LED board.

  3. As easy as it gets.

Worry free fully IP65 water and dustproof housing with modular mounting options. Comes with 2 mounting systems included. Clean in a single wipe and clean-room design approved. Our Plantdatabase and app guides you to setup any plant type at the correct distance and lighting rythm, making plant growth visible in a short time.

  - IP65 dust- and waterproof housing.

  - Endless mounting options, 2 included.

  - Plantdatabase for quick setup.



PlantSpectrum emits all wavelengths that contribute to plant growth. Guarantee results at every stage of growth, for every type of plant. 


Photosynthesis efficiency at its best.

PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is the range of wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers that directly contributes to plant growth and development.With a PAR over 92%, this light is made to boost any type of plant’s growth. 


True color. Like no other.

CRI (Color Rendering Index) determines how well colors are rendered just like in natural sunlight. High-CRI spectra contribute directly to higher PAR and a more diverse spectrum wich results in better taste and color development.An extra advantage is that plants can be observed much better. Mould or diseases can be detected and removed in an early stage. 


Sustainable lighting design is all about smart and effective passive cooling. PlantSpectrum’s aluminium housing prevents the LED chips from overheating. This in contrast to plastic housings where the heat remains inside and generates bubbles on the phosphor layer of the LED chips and damages the LED’s irreversibly. 



Metal Core PCB for direct LED-chip coolingHeat is directly transferred away from the LED-chips through the thick metal core PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This PCB slides into our aluminum extrusion profile to further dissipate the heat away from the LED chips. 



Cooling Surface Reinvented.We designed an extrusion profile that increases the cooling area up to 26 times. The profile is open and constantly transfers the heat away from the PCB board resulting in optimal cooling efficiency. Thanks to its unconventional circular design, PlantSpectrum is the cleanest among growlights and is perfect for laboratories or clean grow spaces as no dust stays behind between heat sink grooves. PlantSpectrum is cleaned with a single wipe. 
Unique replaceable LED board.After 10 years of intense use, you can replace the LED board without having to throw away the light module or having to buy a new light module. That's why serious growers choose our light modules and have a maximum return on investment. 


The aluminum body ensures that the LED chips are cooled properly. By doing so, their spectrum remains stable throughout their entire lifespan. All parts are made corrosion and wear resistant thanks to the thick anodisation layer, assuring a maximum lifespan of the module. 100%Recycled aluminum. 

Every detail matters. No more worries thanks to the IP65 waterproof housing. Designed with as few components as possible, yet more mounting options than any other plant light module. Robustness is found in every component, from precision cnc-milled end-caps and extruded sliders to torx screw fasteners.

Get started like a pro with our in-app plant database. Plant lighting couldn't get any easier than with our plant database. Find your plant and directly see the ideal lighting distance and lighting periods. You can even track your plant’s growth and turn it into a timelaps thanks to the PlantStatus function. All accessible from your fingertips in our Mother App. Have more questions? Chat with us.



PlantSpectrum comes with sliders for easy rack mounting included as well as a disc for vertical upright lighting. Next to that you can make PlantSpectrum’s height adjustable with Steel Wire Mounts or mount it under a cabinet with Wall Mounts. Rotate the light around its axis to direct the light perfectly towards your plants. You can even create an ideal standalone growing setup with MicroFarm mounts.

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