What to Eat and How to Eat It
What to Eat and How to Eat It
What to Eat and How to Eat It
What to Eat and How to Eat It
What to Eat and How to Eat It
What to Eat and How to Eat It
What to Eat and How to Eat It
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What to Eat and How to Eat It

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This authoritative new title from health and wellness expert Renée Elliott is a modern encyclopedia of 99 superfood ingredients. Carefully curated by Renée in close collaboration with the buyers of pioneering organic supermarket Planet Organic, the result is a definitive guide to incorporating the most nutritional foods into everyday meals.
Each entry offers notes on benefits, selection, preparation and cooking, plus thoroughly useable and delicious recipe suggestions that are quick to prepare simple to cook and rewarding to eat. The health benefits of each ingredient are also indicated – whether they support your digestive system, help protect joints, promote immunity, support a healthy heart or are simply superb for growing hair and skin. The ingredients are divided into 10 grocery categories to make shopping trips simple:
  - Beans (including adzuki, black turtle, chickpeas, lentils and peas)
  - Fermented Foods (such as kombucha, miso and sauerkraut)
  - Fruit (from avocados to stone fruits)Grains (including heritage grains like amaranth and ‘IT’-grains like quinoa)
  - Herbs and Spices (such as sumac, chilli, cinnamon, ginger and parsley)
  - Cooking Ingredients (everyday and unknown – acai, bee pollen, maca, salt)
  - Meat, fish and dairy (eggs, cheese, fatty fish, bone broth and beyond)
  - Nuts and seeds (inc. nut butters and seeds, from cacao and chia to sesame)
  - Seaweeds (dried and fresh, from algae and arame to nori)
  - Vegetables (from asparagus to shiitake mushrooms)
  - 'Super-useful Store Cupboard’ highlights the best flours, natural sweeteners and staples to keep in the kitchen, while the contemporary design (combining photography with illustrations) will appeal to both millennials and longstanding foodies.
This book is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to eat well and live better.
AUTHOR: Renée Elliott is an entrepreneur and organic pioneer, founding Planet Organic, the UK’s first organic supermarket, in 1995. Determined to change food culture, her mission is to promote health in the community. Renée is serving her sixteenth year as a Trustee of the Soil Association, the UK’s largest organic certifier, and is on the Catering Mark Standards Committee, working on the independent certification of food in nurseries, schools, universities, workplaces, restaurants, hospitals and care homes.

Renée enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs, teaching healthy baking classes and leading inspirational seminars. A mother of three, she has written two books on weaning babies and feeding families. Renée lives with her family in rural East Sussex.

  Features: 466 pages, hardcover
  - Format: 19.5 × 25cm  

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