Palo Santo Small Toro _ 10 to 12cm
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Palo Santo Small Toro _ 10 to 12cm

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Palo Santo

Palo Santo is considered a sacred wood, belongs to the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh, and is obtained only after the natural death of the tree, which must remain in the soil for 3-6 years before harvesting the wood.

It is said that while bad spirits avoid this fragrance, good spirits are attracted to it, so it attracts positive thoughts and situations and is considered a powerful advocate of emotional clarity. This combination of benefits makes pau santo ideal for relaxing in tense moments.


How to use:

Palo Santo is a tool that goes out in 5 minutes (more or less), because the ember does not remain active if it does not have the permanent stimulus of the blow.

To keep the pau santo lit, you must burn it for at least 1 minute with a lit flame and then blow the flame gently. As long as you blow, the ember remains active.

To keep Pau Santo lit without the blow, you can land on top of a hot coal disc. The disc burns for 45 minutes, so the fragrance is released during that time.



Fragrance: strong, bitter, herbaceous, woody, deep.
1 roll
10-12cm long

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