Nº8 . The Lobster
Nº8 . The Lobster
Nº8 . The Lobster
moth and rabbit

Nº8 . The Lobster

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EAU DE PARFUM - 50 ml natural spray
"The cinematography inspired me to render a scenery, landscape and feeling of a couple in a forest. A location where two people are restricted to love, yet fall in love. In the coldness; wind, damp wood, lake and forest leaves they find warmth. In the danger and darkness; The animal and bloody undertones they find comfort and light. This is a fragrance that is ultimately herbal, green, wet, dark, animal and woody, and twisted with a bouquet of wild flower to represent the society they left, the new one they found and will soon leave again." - Mark Buxton

Top Notes: Green Notes, muguet du bois, cypriol.
Heart Notes: Leafy notes, cold water, cedarwood.
Foundation Notes: Myrrh, arnica, fenugrec, animal notes, smell of hummus, moss.

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