Mini Coco _ Blue
Mini Coco _ Blue
Mini Coco _ Blue
Mini Coco _ Blue
Mini Coco _ Blue
Mini Coco _ Blue
Mini Coco _ Blue

Mini Coco _ Blue

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Created from your feedback, for your well-being, this clitoral toy is made up of two buttons to move back and forth in intensity.

A mini format to take your clit vacuum everywhere with you.


How does the Mini Coco work?

The Mini Coco allows external stimulation of the clitoris, thanks to two separate buttons!


How do I charge the Mini Coco?

The Mini Coco is rechargeable by USB cable. There are two pins on the top to which the charger magnetizes!

The cable is included in your order.

Charge them for 1 hour for 2 hours of battery life to take full advantage of them.


What material is Mini Coco made of?

Medical silicone  is used to manufacture the Mini Coco because it is a material designed to respect the mucous membranes. It is also made of ABS plastic (inside), which provides good resistance to your vibrator. 

The quality of these materials is excellent and they do not contain allergens.  


Is Mini Coco waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof and can be used in the shower, in the bath... It's up to you!


Do the Mini Coco make noise?

He make's a little noise because it has a small motor. Compared to other vibrators of the type existing on the market, he is very quiet!


How do I clean my vibrator?

The hygiene of your vibrator is essential to continue to pleasure yourself in complete safety.

The Mini Coco is made of silicone; you can simply clean it with water and a little cleaner. Or use a cleansing foam . Make sure to rinse it well then let it air dry.

Be careful not to push your finger inside the suction part of the clitoris, you risk damaging the membrane and the mechanism.


Can I use the Mini Coco as a first vibrator?

The Mini Coco is a perfect first vibrator for discovery! You will enter directly into the new wave of suction vibrators!

It’s quite a discovery and we can only recommend it to you. It’s a pretty incredible WOW effect.


Is the suction done directly on the clitoris? 

Suction is a commonly used term, but your toy doesn't really suck! The part of the membrane vibrates so as to pulsate the area and create the effect of suction.

Lift the hood of your clitoris to feel the stimulator more and discover this technology which is very impressive on this part.


Does Mini Coco desensitize the clitoris?

The Mini Coco's suction stimulator is not coupled with vibration, your clitoris will be fine with it.


Can it be used as a couple?

Mini Coco's is intended for use by women, but it can be used as a couple!

Men can also benefit from it by stimulating the glans and frenulum of the penis for example. 

Use on all parts of the body!



Color: Blue

Size: L9 × W4.8 × H3.8cm. 

Weight: 68,6g

Waterproof: Yes, IPX7, depth of 1m

USB rechargeable: Yes

Materials: Made of medical silicone suitable for mucous membranes and for extreme softness and thick for a super soft touch.

10 intensity variations for maximum pleasure

Charging time: 83~89 mins

Running time: 45 mins

Max noise level: 55 dB

Interface: Two buttons, one plus, one minus to increase or decrease the vibration intensity.

Press the + for 3 seconds to turn it on, 3 seconds on the - to turn it off.

USB charging cable

Travel pouch included

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