Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience
Meishai Experience

Meishai Experience

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"The Meishai Experience," this meticulously crafted haircare routine born out of a passion for healthy hair and embracing the essence of clean beauty, where each is certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic, vegan and perfume-free. Your experience begins with a nourishing Shampoo that pampers your scalp and gently cleanses your hair. Following thus, our Treatment works its magic by delicately opening the outer layer of your hair, undertaking the tasks of rebuilding, repairing, and fortifying it from within. The final touch is provided by our rich Conditioner, which seals and protects your hair, leaving it irresistibly silky soft. 

"The Meishai Experience" unfolds beyond the realm of haircare; it's a gentle reminder to embrace self-care and revel in your unique essence. With each use of Meishai, we aim to remind you, that you are enough. Allowing yourself to gracefully slow down and relish in the simplicity of being present - right here and right now.

HOW TO USE: 3 Steps to a helathy haircare routine.
With over a decade of experience in the hair industry, this guide has been created to provide valuable insights. The key to achieving great hair doesn't lie in using numerous products, but rather in using the right products and possessing the right knowledge.

  - STEP 1: Healthy hair starts with healthy scalp
Our hair is constant in contact with our environment, sweat and the styling products we might use. Therefore it is important to clean your scalp and hair first and foremost. Meishai key ingredient in their Meishai Shampoo, Pentavitin® is a plant-based wonder, it has a healing effect and makes sure your scalp is in balance. How often you should wash your hair can be very subjective, but when you do take the time to do it thoroughly, this will mean you don't have to do it as often. 

Katja's Pro Tip:

  - Wash Twice: "Always recommend washing your hair twice. By doing this, you ensure that your scalp and hair are properly cleaned, resulting in a longer period of a clean and revitalized scalp. We have chosen a foaming agent that is more natural and environmentally friendly, which prevents the scalp and hair from being stripped of their natural moisture compared to traditional foaming agents. So you might notice a new feeling.

The key to getting the most out of our shampoo is to add more water to your hair, rather than more product to release more foam. First wash effectively cleanses, even if it doesn't foam much. Make sure to add more water to the hair during massaging the shampoo around the scalp. The second wash is where the shampoo delivers its intended care, allowing your scalp and hair to adapt and experience the full benefits. Take the time to massage the shampoo thoroughly around you scalp both times, and you an unlock it's full potential. Give it a chance for your scalp and hair to acclimate to the new feeling - Meishai Shampoo is worth the transition for a revitalized and prolonged freshness."

  - Towel Dry: "Before applying Meishai Treatment, we recommend that you softly towel dry your hair first, that way you get the best effect from the treatment. If the hair is soaking wet, the water will dilute the treatment."

- STEP 2: Little jar of liquid gold
Enriched with their active ingredients coconut oil, glycerin and a little wonder called Rep'Hair® - A plant-based biomimetic ceramide. This treatment will repair, rebuild, strengthen and embrace your hair’s natural gloss, making it a perfect fit for either dyed or non-dyed hair. Start from the tips and work it upward through the hair. Run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your hair to work in the treatment.
You can use Meishai Treatment as high up the hair as you prefer but we don't recommend using treatment in the scalp. Leave it on for a minimum of 5-7 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Allowing it to sit more minutes will enhance the results. Meishai Treatment is especially beneficial for those with damaged or dry hair, providing the intensive care needed for restoration. We recommend using Meishai Treatment once a week for optimal result.

- STEP 3: Seal and protect
Last step is Meishai Conditioner. Its ability is to penetrate, seal and protect the hair after using Meishai shampoo and Meishai Treatment. It provides a luxurious softening effect for your hair, making your hair easy to manage. Make sure your hair isn't soaking wet. Gently squeeze the water of with your hands. Apply Meishai Conditioner evenly from the tips and work it upward through the hair.Run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your hair to work in the conditioner. You can use our conditioner as high up the hair as you prefer but we don't recommend using conditioner in the scalp. Run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your hair to work in conditioner. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Your hair is now sealed, protected and silky smooth.

AMOUNT PER PACKAGE: 2 x 500ml (shampoo + conditioner) + 1 x 200ml (treatment)

About MEISHAIIn 2021, Katja Rosasco founded Meishai with a clear purpose: to provide Asthma Allergy Nordic certified high-performance haircare to everyone. Katja was born with allergies, and later in life she fell in love with hair. Working in the hair industry was a challenge for her, it was hard to navigate in a world full of wonderful products she couldn’t use on herself. However, with over a decade of experience, she had a unique vision for high-perfomance haircare, that would be safe for her. Meishai represents the fusion of her sensitivity and creativity.

At Meishai, we take pride in offering our customers and the professionals haircare that is Asthma Allergy Nordic certified, without compromising on quality or design. We believe in a new way of thinking and creating hair products, and are excited to share our vision with the world.

For Katja, Meishai is not just a brand, but a window of expression. It represents a unique way of communicating beauty, where authenticity shines through. We believe that true beauty comes from within and shines brightest when you embrace yourself. Welcome to Meishai, where we offer high-performance, clean haircare that helps you express your authentic beauty.

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