The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil
The Face Oil

The Face Oil

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Put simply, it does it all. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 

Packed with mushroom extracts that work their magic to adapt to your unique imbalances to train and strengthen skin against everyday stresses.
The calming, fast absorbing blend has been tested to restore radiance, balance, soothe inflammation, enhance elasticity and fortify skin against environmental elements. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for people looking for a single step care routine. For skinimalists focused on reducing, reusing and recycling.

  - Herbaceous and light, full of skin-healing phytonutrients. This exquisite treatment oil helps restore your skin’s glow and resilience.
  - Silky and fast-absorbing, this multi-correctional botanical oil harnesses the super powers of hemp, tremella, reishi and jujube dates.
  -  A calming green, foresty lightly scented olfactory alchemy formulated to help aid in calming the nervous system through aromatic triggers.

  - Moisturizing nourishing fatty acids of fast absorption provides rich hydration with a velvety feel.
  - Powerful fungi extracts to care for your skin from within.
  - Free-radical fighting antioxidants.
  - Restorative phytoceramides & beta-glucan from our mushroomy friends to help nurture your skin barrier, add vibrancy, lessen irritation, and reduce skin disorders.
  - Suitable for all skin and daily AM and PM use.

INGREDIENTS: Reishi, Tremella, Da Zao, Bakuchiol, Rosehip, Hemp.

Ingredients matter! That’s why Herbar is strict about the ones that they allow. Everything you need nothing you don’t.

  - Warm a 3-5 drops of The Oil in the palms of your hands.
  - Lightly press it onto cleansed, dry or damp skin.
  - Blend in an upwards motion in the AM and PM.

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