Fischersund Tote Bag
Fischersund Tote Bag
Fischersund Tote Bag
Fischersund Tote Bag

Fischersund Tote Bag

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The perfect canvas tote bag to take Fischersund on-the-go everyday in Iceland and around the globe. 

  - 100% cotton. 
  - 39 cm x 35 cm.

Our immediate contact with life, inside and outside the body, is the sensory experience that precedes the articulation of thought. Fischersund is a rest station in the maze that is modern life with all of its distractions and aggressions.

A place where people can come and rest in their senses, a space that communicates directly with your senses, be it through, smell, sound, touch or taste.

Fischersund is a space and place that exists at the intersection of a shop, a gallery, a venue and an art installation in and of itself. Every object and ever inch of the space has been designed and created with a lot of care and attention to detail - to fulfil and convey the aesthetic manifesto, let your senses synthesise and harmonise.

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