The Synchronicity Oracle
The Synchronicity Oracle
etan ilfeld

The Synchronicity Oracle

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The Synchronicity Oracle is the first of its kind. Noticing synchronicity – or random coincidences that strike us as meaningful – allows us to align our life path with the flow of the universe. This is the first-ever oracle to draw on the power of synchronicity to give you insight into your problems, answer your questions and highlight previously unconsidered patterns and potential pathways in your life.

There are 57 hexagonal cards in the deck, each with 8 symbols, plus an 80 page booklet profiling each of the 57 symbols and giving instructions on how to use the cards. For instant insight, choose two cards at random and find the symbol that matches – there will only be one. Information about the meaning of the symbolism is given in the booklet, but ultimately it’s up to you to interpret the symbol based on what it means for you.

For a more in-depth answer to your problem, choose two cards for each of these three questions: Where are you coming from? Where are you now? Where are you going? Note the matching symbol in each case and see what it mean to you and what insights it throws up for the past, present and future of your situation. Then arrange the chosen cards in a circle, pull the final card – the intuition card – and place it in the centre. Which symbols match? Which ones predominate? What does it mean to you? The booklet offers a contemplation and a meditation for each symbol to help you interpret the symbols.

The deck uses a wide range of symbols, including Jungian archetypes, contemporary icons, and images from alchemy, science and mysticism – from the Kabbalah’s tree of life and the yin yang symbol to images of an anchor, a wave, a spider’s web, and a mirror. As you search for the synchronicity and enjoy the magic of finding it through this deck, you will find that synchronicity comes up more and more in your everyday life. What can The Synchronicity Oracle tell you?

AUTHOR: Etan Ilfeld is the author of Duchamp Versus Einstein and Beyond Contemporary Art. He holds a physics degree from Stanford University, and is a US chess master and the inventor of Diving Chess.

  Features: 57 cards
  - Format: 12.3 x 3.8 x 17.6 cm

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