Equality _ [Un]Broken
Equality _ [Un]Broken
Equality _ [Un]Broken
Equality _ [Un]Broken
Equality _ [Un]Broken

Equality _ [Un]Broken

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The third and newest Equality parfum creation is dedicated to this guiding principle.

is an invitation to go within and connect to all parts of yourself. An olfactory appeal that encourages you to crate an invisible yet powerful space inside you where you find shelter and leave behind the fears of imperfection. Where supressed emotions can become the conversation.
Enter into connection with yourself and feel the heat of spicy pink pepper rise inside, triggering your personal revelation. Comforting aromas of blue chamomile and dry thyme merge with Myrrh and subtle incense to create a full heart. The distinct and unique smoke of palo santo purifies and calms your inner state, lifting negative energies and clearing space for new beginnings while vetiver adds a complex set of sweet, earthy, lush nuances. Deep at the base sandalwood's dry woody accents and Immortelle's soft undertones build a foundation for growth and continuous communication.
- Gender neutral
- 100% Fair Made in Germany
- 20% Perfume Oil concentration
- Personally packed and dispatched by Luki
- Each bottle includes your statement of tolerance
Top: Dry Thyme, Pink Pepper, Blue Chamomile
Heart: Palo Santo, Incense, Myrrh
Base: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Immortelle
Luki: "for me, the european elections in 2019 mark the starting point of equality.fragrances. At that time, there was a lot of media coverage on the growing strength of the right-wing parties. It frightened me that hate and intolerance towards people’s origin, colour, race, culture, religion, gender and sexuality still exists.

Thankfully there’s still more love than hate, and more openness than intolerance in thisworld. But as I experienced during the elections, this can sometimes be hard to believe. And even though a lot of people know it, or secretly hope for it, I wanted to find a simple way that reminded and encouraged them to live with love and not hate.
that’s when I had the idea for a perfume.
smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. it has the power to trigger memories and influence actions. it has the power to make us and everyone around us feel good. this is what equality is about.

Equality. Is not just a perfume but a statement. Whoever wears it is part of a community that needs no words to understand what human values are all about.
So, open up, be unprejudiced, be human.
It’s on you."

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