Organic Almond Baby Oil
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Organic Almond Baby Oil

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This natural cold-pressed oil made from organic almonds nourishes and protects your baby’s skin.

It is ideal for gentle oiling or for massaging, but also suitable for use as a bath additive. As a body oil it nourishes and protects delicate baby skin. Ideal for gentle oiling. As a massage oil it offers the best opportunity to relax together. The loving touches give the baby a feeling of security. As a bath additive, baby skin becomes silky smooth and supple.

- Organic, vegan and natural.
  - 100% Organic Almond Oil from Spain.
  - Plastic-free glass packaging.
  - Valuable ingredients through cold pressing.
  - Free from parabens, paraffin, palm oil, alcohol, preservatives, fragrances, microplastics, animal testing*.

*in accordance with EU Cosmetics Regulation.

INGREDIENTS: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil* (Organic Almond Oil from Spain).

*from certified organic farming./**natural.

AMOUNT PER PACKAGE: 100ml gentle cold pressing preserves all valuable ingredients in their natural form.

  - Body and massage oil: Put a few drops of the baby oil in your hands and massage gently in slow, circular movements. The loving touches give the baby a feeling of security.  
  - Bath additive: Add a few drops of the baby oil to the bath water, this makes the baby bath gentle on the skin.    
  - Care for the scalp: For the treatment of head gneiss (a yellowish layer of scales), apply the baby oil to the scaly areas with a cotton wool pad and let it work overnight. The next day, the dandruff will come off when the baby’s hair is washed.  
  - Cleaning the nappy area: The delicate baby skin tends to irritate, especially on the baby’s bottom. A sore bottom can be prevented with baby oil. When changing diapers, drip some baby oil onto a cotton wool pad and gently cleanse the skin.

ELIAH SAHIL contributes to the rescue of the bees by investing €0,20 from the sale of each product in the „Flowering Meadows“ project.

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