Small Woven Brass Tea Strainer
Small Woven Brass Tea Strainer
Small Woven Brass Tea Strainer
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Small Woven Brass Tea Strainer

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The simple and elegant tea basket is handmade of solid brass. Designed to perch on the edge of a mug, the tightly woven basket strains leaves from a larger pot into a single serving. Or this strainer is excellent for teas that should not be steeped for long periods of time, such as flowers like Blue Lotus. 

These strainers are 100% brass, coated in a clear food-grade finish.

DIMENSIONS: D5cm x H1.78cm

SUGGESTED USE: Place loose herbs within the basket and place in a mug or tea pot, and pour hot water through it. Steep tea for as long as recommended.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE: The brass-plated strainers will lightly tarnish over time. To keep these strainers clean, simply rinse and pat dry after each use.

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