Tube Box Rope Incense _ Karma
Tube Box Rope Incense _ Karma
Tube Box Rope Incense _ Karma
Tube Box Rope Incense _ Karma

Tube Box Rope Incense _ Karma

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Karma is a sanskrit word that translates to "action", it is a concept adopted by eastern religions where like causes create like effects, therefore positive actions lead to positive effects while negative actions or deeds lead to harmful consequences. The smoke that is created from this incense helps to connect with this concept, allowing for reflection upon our own existence and the current path that we are on.

Main Ingredients: Saang.

Notes: Woody, Bitter.

Number of Ropes: 

Burn Time: 20min. approx.

Size: 9.5cm

Includes: Incense Holder.

Paper box made from Sabai grass or called 'Babiyo' called in Nepali. This plant is also used in making natural ropes and brooms.

Handmade in Nepal

Remember to never leave incense burning unattended! Always place to a non flammable surface!



Stupa Incense is a socially and environmentally conscious cottage industry.
For the past two decades, Stupa has been manufacturing handmade incense.

Being based in the foothill of the Nagarjung forest in the Kathmandu valley, Stupa is always inspired by the surroundings, traditions and nature. Most of the ingredients used are locally sourced, from herbs to handmade papers for packaging. Stupa incense are natural, non toxic and non-additive forming.

In Himalayan culture, where Stupa came from, burning incense plays an important part. Himalayans use it from day to day rituals to relaxation whether they are in temples, monasteries or at home.

Burning incense is more than just for aroma, it is a lifestyle, and it is for ones mental and spiritual well being.

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