Roses & Olibanum Triangular Incense
Roses & Olibanum Triangular Incense
sagrada madre

Roses & Olibanum Triangular Incense

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Sagrada Madre means "Holy Mother", Pancha Mama, and this name reflects the way they treat the Earth's resources. For the saint's harvest, the Holy Mother uses only the old branches that fall naturally from the tree. They collaborate directly with native communities in Peru and Argentina to plant Palo Santo trees and combat deforestation. In addition, the Holy Mother guarantees that she will plant more trees than she uses them.

Its aroma is so beautiful that it will flood our spaces with love, calm and prosperity.

INGREDIENTS: Made with essence of roses, frankincense grains, natural binders, charcoal and salt. Handmade.

AMOUNT PER PACKAGE: Each box contains 4 triangles.*

SUGGESTED USE: Use as an incense and to defume. Each triangle lasts 30 minutes.

*All Sagrada Madre incense variants are carefully packaged in attractive natural packaging material to minimize impact on the environment.
The energy triangles you will consume are completely sustainable based on the principle of rotation, planting and promoting fair trade by treating their workers in both economic and social, human and ecological ways.

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