Nº5 . La Haine
Nº5 . La Haine
Nº5 . La Haine
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Nº5 . La Haine

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EAU DE PARFUM - 50 ml natural spray
"A calm yet confrontational scent; that traces your neck like a sharp cold blade with buchu sulfur, metallic bloody notes and cold aldhydes. There is a feeling that something is going to happen with burnt rubber, cold cedar notes creating a concrete effect, combined with birch tar, leather and bay oil." - Mark Buxton.

  - Top Notes: Cold aldehydes, buchu sulfur, metallic bloody notes, rum aroma.
  - Heart Notes: Bay oil, nutmeg,cardamom, leather, cold cedar, birch tar, burnt rubber.
  - Foundation Notes: Cedar atlas, dark musk, moss. 

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