Kyara Eiju _ Special Aloeswood
Kyara Eiju _ Special Aloeswood
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Kyara Eiju _ Special Aloeswood

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The Flow of Time

Deeply mystical fragrance of kyara, 'agarwood of the highest quality', with a balsamic hint of benzoin.

The indescribable aroma of agar wood makes it one of the most pleasant fragrances, not only of perfumes, but of anything that has an aroma. For years, this wood lies dormant, buried in silent communion with the earth to create a mysterious and exquisite aroma. It is said that kyara contains the science and universal wisdom of nature, which illuminates mountains, eliminates the impure and comforts the human spirit.

Eiju means 'long life'. It is like a prayer that comforts us and brings us serenity through the eternal flow of time.


Made in Japan

Number of Sticks: 50

Properties: Serenity, recollection and conscience.

Fragrance: Agarwood

Characteristics: Japanese incense roll with no bamboo core.

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