MSC Certified Arctic Fish Broth
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MSC Certified Arctic Fish Broth

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MSC certified Arctic fish broth is a great alternative for people who want to mix up their protein game while enjoying the benefits of additional nutrients, beyond protein!

  - Natural raw materials sourced from the pristine and crystal clear waters of Norway.
  - Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approved raw materials – sustainable fisheries.
  - Gently dried for optimum nutritional profile.
  - Protein content of nearly 90%.
  - Unique bioactive peptides.
  - Bioavailable protein that is easily digestible.
  - A complete protein with all essential amino acids.
  - Contains only one ingredient, no additives, no BS.
  - Laboratory tested for heavy metals and purity.

Arctic Fish Broth’s high bioavailability makes it easily digestible, resulting in rapid absorption and utilization in the body. It has a favorable amino acid profile and contains unique bioactive peptides. 

Nordic Kings MSC Arctic Fish Broth contains natural calcium essential for the maintenance of healthy bones. Iodine, B12 – as well as calcium – in Arctic Fish Broth contribute to energy metabolism and normal nerve function. B12 and iodine support cognitive function, while containing selenium protects cells from oxidative damage. 

  - Complete protein source.
  - Rich in vitamin B12.
  - Source of calcium, phosphorus, selenium and iodine.
  - Contains trace amounts of fatty acids.

These nutrients support you with the following benefits:

  - Supports muscle growth (because of its protein).
  - Supports energy levels (B12, Iodine contents).
  - Contributes to the reduction of fatigue (B12 content).
  - Contributes to the process of cell renewal and creation of cells and tissues (B12).
  - Contains antioxidants that help protect healthy cells from free radicals (Selenium).
  - Supports the immune system (B12, selenium).
  - Contributes to normal cognitive and psychological functions (B12, iodine).
  - Supports the normal function of the nervous system (B12, iodine).
  - Maintains strong bones (Protein, calcium).
  - Contributes to strong teeth (Calcium).
  - Helps maintain healthy skin (Iodine).
  - Contributes to maintaining normal hair (Selenium).
  - Supports the maintenance of normal nails (Selenium). 

HOW TO USE ARTIC FISH BROTH: Put 1 or 2 tablespoons in a cup and pour in 100 ml of hot (filtered, mineralized) water. Season to taste! 

Other ways to use our Arctic Fish Broth is to sprinkle it in powder form over meals as a seasoning or add it to stews and sauces for extra flavor. In addition, you can use it as a base for any fish dish, such as fish soup, seafood dish – the ideas are endless!

ORIGIN: The highest priority is the quality of our raw materials. That’s why Nordic Kings Arctic Fish Broth is made from MSC certified wild Norwegian cod sourced from the cleanest waters of Norway.

As with all their products, they only produce small batches. This allows them to control their standards from start to finish. And they can tell, they are high.

METHOD: MSC Certified Arctic Fish Broth is derived from carefully selected meat from MSC certified wild Norwegian cod. The raw materials are steam- cooked, dried and micro-milled into fine powder. The process is very gentle which preserves all the important micronutrients of the fish. The result is an amazingly nutritious, protein-rich, fish broth powder.

LAB-TESTED AND WITHOUT ADDICTIVES: MSC Certified Arctic Fish Broth is formulated without emulsifiers, preservatives, salt, flavor enhancers and other additives. In fact, our entire product line is 100% additive free. Just one ingredient without any of the bad stuff. Additionally, our MSC Certified Arctic Fish Broth has been third-party tested for heavy metals, mold and its high bioavailable protein content.

  - Microbiological Testing: enterobacteriaceae, escherichia coli, salmonella, mold and yeast, plate count.
  - Heavy Metals: Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb).

HOW TO STORE: MSC Certified Arctic Fish Broth at room temperature in a dry place. Once opened, we suggest you close the package tightly after each use to preserve all nutrients. The shelf life of the unopened product is 24 months.

INGREDIENTS: 100% MSC certified Norwegian codfish (Gadus morhua)

Manufactured by: Nordic Kings Supplements


Nutrition (typical values) 100g 5g
Energy 1644 kJ / 388 kcal 82 kJ / 19 kcal
Protein 88g 4,5g
Fat (total) 4g 0.16g
  - Saturated fat 1g 0,01g
Carbohydrates 0g 0g
  - Sugars 0g 0g
Natural salt 2g 0.1g


Nutrition (typical values)

Omega-6 10 mg
Omega-3 96 mg
EPA 62mg
DHA 24mg
Calcium 116mg
Phosphorus 112mg
Iodine 61μg
Selenium 11μg
Vitamin B12 0.8μg


Amino acid profile typical values – g/10 g – 2 tablespoons
Total BCAA 1.72
Histidine  0.18
Lysine  0.79
Methionine  0.29
Phenylalanine  0.38
Threonine  0.40
Tryptophan  0.14
Tyrosine  0.33


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