Matcha + Collagen
Matcha + Collagen
Matcha + Collagen
ancient + brave

Matcha + Collagen

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The perfect harmony of organic matcha paired with Ancient + Brave signature True Collagen peptides and pure organic Lion’s Mane mushroom to dial in a clear mind and nourish your skin from within.


With added bright Moringa, with its long history of use in folk medicine, bolsters your body with superleaf antioxidants and supports detoxification.

Whilst MCT provides your brain with fuel for focus and your body with sustained energy, blood sugar balancing cinnamon gives our blend a natural sweetness to help you create the perfect start to your day.

  - 2500mg of nourishing hydrolysed collagen peptides in each serving
  - Calming matcha energy and adaptogenic mushroom for focus
  - Excellent source of protein to support muscle mass and body conditioning
  - Powerful phytonutrients to support radiant skin and collagen renewal
  - Cinnamon to support blood sugar balance and metabolism

  - A perfect Rise Ritual for mindful wellbeing

Bring some serene energy to your Rise Ritual with this delicious blend.

Mix 6g of powder with a little hot water (not boiling) into a paste then pour in warm milk of your choice to fill your cup for a matcha latte style drink. Alternatively mix with hot water only and a splash of milk if you enjoy a longer drink.

INGREDIENTS: Grass-fed Bovine True Collagen*, Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Matcha, Organic MCT Powder, Organic Moringa, Organic Cinnamon

*Denotes non-organic ingredient. Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.
NUTRITION per 100g per 10g
Energy 363Kcal 22Kcal
Fat 9.1 0.5
of which saturates 7.8 0.5
monounsaturates 0.3 0
polyunsaturates 0.6 0
Carbohydrates 27.8 2.8
of which sugar 1.7 0.1
Fiber 21.2 1.3
Protein 48.9 2.9
Salt 0.26 0
AMOUNT PER PACKAGE: 250g (approx 25 servings)

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