Sport Ball Pen _ Frosted  Series
Sport Ball Pen _ Frosted  Series
Sport Ball Pen _ Frosted  Series

Sport Ball Pen _ Frosted Series

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Kaweco newest series stands out due to its slightly opaque, milky plastic and pastel colours. The icy fresh look of the material gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of the pen. It is equipped with silver elements and it is just an absolute must-have for the summer. The light colours and fresh names emphasize the summer feeling.


Writing System: Ball Pen

Material: Plastic

Length: 10,5cm

Weight: 12g


The Kaweco Frosted Sport is a fresh take on the classic range - it is inspired by tropical fruits and features a semi-transparent plastic body in coconut. The Kaweco Sport is a reliable ballpoint pen that perfectly balances high quality with great value. Kaweco continues to manufacture their products in Nuremberg, Germany, using quality materials sourced from all over the world, making it a pen that has stood the test of time since its inception in the mid 1930s. 

The Kaweco  Sport closely follows the original octagonal design, which is very compact at just 10.4cm (retracted) in length and 1.4cm in diameter, making it easy to carry around.  It is made from tough but lightweight plastic and features a silver metal Kaweco logo on the top of each push button, which uses a retractable mechanism. 

The pen comes in a paper box with a pre-installed blue ink, which is an international D1 refill. Optional chrome pen clip is sold separately. 

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