Roelen Discovery Set
Roelen Discovery Set
Roelen Discovery Set
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Roelen Discovery Set

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EAU DE PARFUM - 6 x 1.5ml Natural Spray
This Sample Set invites you to explore all six perfumes, each offering a unique olfactory journey. Perfect for those who love variety or are seeking their new signature fragrance.

The Set includes 6 x 1.5ml spray samples and comes with free shipping across Europe. 

AMBIVALENCE  - A balancing blend of fierce green notes, aromatic spices and grounding Palo Santo.

BROKEN BOUQUET - An unconventional floral, symbolizing transformation and empowerment.

CRYSTAL HAZE - Euphoric and undefinable, a fluid scent of bright, fresh excitement.

DADDY - Changing the narrative around perfume from gender to personality – She's a Daddy.

FLOWER BOY - A deep, comforting bouquet in a smoky garage

THE DOOR - Homage to the door of Berlin's most famous club – a sensual and powdery second skin.

ABOUT ROELEN: D.L. ROELEN is a modern fragrance house, built on a contemporary value set to challenge toxic stereotypes in society and to empower transformation and a radical self.

"I grew up in a small town in Germany, with just my mom. I have always been comfortable with my sensual masculinity and am inspired by modern femininity. Before I started D.L. ROELEN, I worked in advertising, where I observed that many beauty and fragrance brands didn’t reflect the multiple ways in which people identify. Their stories were too linear. As if a perfume can only say one thing about a person. Back in 2017 on a trip to London, I was talking to a stranger who noticed that I wasn’t happy with my job. He asked what I really wanted to do, so I told him about two ideas I had for perfume. It turned out he manages one of Europe’s largest fragrance labs. Three weeks later I was on my way to visit him in Istanbul. This all happened because we were both open enough to have a candid conversation."

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