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Fischersund No.101 captures the ethereal, fresh green scent of the herbaceous backyards of Reykjavík. The short summers in Iceland are made longer by its 24 hours of light. Soaking up the 4:00 a.m. rays of radiant sunshine while the smells and sounds of the season breathe life into the heart of the city. And as soon as people fall in love with the warm weather, summer quickly fades to winter's frozen grasp. 

Notes: chervil, arctic angelica, black currant, withered grass, bergamot, cottonwood, poplar pine, red sorrel, whiff of smoke.

Weathered garden chairs stacked against the wall
A flower pot filled with rain and cigarette butts
sits on the uprooted pavement now swallowed by chervil
Echoes of a nearby party
Fingers digging up sorrel and dandelions
Freshly fallen snow
On a forgotten trampoline
Black currants fall from bare branches, one by one.

The launch is accompanied by Bakgarðar, a whimsical song composed by Jónsi, Sin Fang and Kjartan Holm that interprets the scent available via a QR code. Each bottle is hand-poured and hand-wrapped in a sustainable Fischersund No. 101 Bandana featuring imaginative illustrations inspired by the new scent drawn by the skillful hands of Fischersund sibling and co-founder, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir.  These signature bandanas have quickly become collectors' items donning necks, hair, and wrists of people near and far.

Handmade in Iceland.

Our immediate contact with life, inside and outside the body, is the sensory experience that precedes the articulation of thought. Fischersund is a rest station in the maze that is modern life with all of its distractions and aggressions.

A place where people can come and rest in their senses, a space that communicates directly with your senses, be it through, smell, sound, touch or taste.

Fischersund is a space and place that exists at the intersection of a shop, a gallery, a venue and an art installation in and of itself. Every object and ever inch of the space has been designed and created with a lot of care and attention to detail - to fulfil and convey the aesthetic manifesto, let your senses synthesise and harmonise.

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