Altar Raised Incense Burner _ Nº3
Altar Raised Incense Burner _ Nº3
linda pappa

Altar Raised Incense Burner _ Nº3

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An incense burner as an ode to ancient Minoan times, when vessels of this kind were created for sacred ritual and offerings to the Mother Goddess.


"This raised burner is entirely hand built with cretan terracotta clay, and decorated with pigment that I have foraged from the mountains around me. You may use it to burn herbal incense (loose, or preferably on a charcoal). My personal favourite: sage leaves, which are extremely cleansing to any space. You can use any dry herbs or natural resins." - Linda Pappa


Attention: Use with care and never leave any fire unattended. Any burning material on the surface of the clay and leave a burn mark, which is a charming result of how the elements interact together. This vessel will become more and more beautiful with time and usage.



Artistic Expression: Linda’s creative expression comes to life through an intimate communion with Earth. Her journey has taken her to explore the presence of primordial energy in all living things. Fuelled by ancestral connection, she aims to honour and reclaim collective wisdom about relating to the Land and the Cosmos.

Through her artistic practice, she brings to this conversation to life. Her work is a co-creation with Earth. She uses native pigments, wild clays and materials that she gathers in Nature. She integrates her expression through the use of raw forms, texture and hidden divinatory messages.


Guiding & Sharing: Linda is an avid believer that true sustainability, wellness and spiritual evolution all have to do with restoring our relationship to the Land.

As a lifelong learner and seeker, she has integrated notions of animism and earth medicine in her path and has written about the art of connecting with the Elements. She enjoys sharing her approach and guiding others into embodied, Nature-based approaches to freedom, intuitive creativity and self inquiry, holding spaces in the form of online gatherings, workshops, creative circles and retreats.

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