Thumbs Up Glass
Thumbs Up Glass
Thumbs Up Glass
yahya studio

Thumbs Up Glass

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Crafted in the heart of Italy and further refined in Germany, YAHYA glasses are not only a work of art but also practical companions for your busy lifestyle.

The use of selected materials and production partners ensure that these glasses stand the test of time. The glass is extra tempered to create a higher stability and usability. They are dishwasher-approved, but also love to be treated with care and washed by hand.

All illustrations are created by German illustrator & co-founder Johanna Schwarzer.

At YAHYA creative design studio, they sell more than just the ordinary; they create art canvases on everyday products, which make you smirk and got your back through effective communication. Life can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a smile on your face.

SIZE: Ø: 8,5cm 

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