Cube of Olive Oil Marseille Soap
Cube of Olive Oil Marseille Soap
Cube of Olive Oil Marseille Soap
Cube of Olive Oil Marseille Soap
Cube of Olive Oil Marseille Soap
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Cube of Olive Oil Marseille Soap

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Olive oil Marseille soap is made in Marseille using the traditional cooking process.

It is 100% natural, made exclusively from vegetable oils, guaranteed without palm oil, colouring agents, perfumes or preservatives.

Marseille soap with olive oil is an ecological product. Gentle on the skin, its hypoallergenic formulation is very appreciated by allergic, sensitive or irritated skin and is suitable for the whole family! Used for personal hygiene or as a cleaning product, for the laundry or the house, Marseille soap is a traditional and very economical product that keeps for a long time.

This product is certified by Ecocert and has been dermatologically tested.

THE UNION OF MARSEILLE SOAP PROFESSIONALS: La Corvette Marseille soaps respect the artisanal manufacturing charter set by the Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille, of which the Savonnerie du Midi is a founding member.

The trademark guarantees :
  - A traditional manufacturing process of cooking in a period cauldron
  - A composition of traditional Marseille soap from raw materials and oils exclusively vegetable, without additives, preservatives or perfume,
  - A production site in the Bouches-du-Rhône department, the historical birthplace of Marseille soap.

INGREDIENTS:  Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide.

La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi Marseille soaps contain a minimal amount of glycerin. This glycerin is derived from the natural saponification process and is not added to the soap. This glycerin is removed during the washing stages of the Marseilles process. However, a small trace of it remains in the finished product and the regulations require us to indicate this on our ingredient lists. la Corvette Marseille soaps are rates "Excelent" 100/100 on Yuka! 

HOW TO USE IT: Marseille soap is recognised as an exceptional product for its numerous virtues and uses, for personal hygiene or for ecological home maintenance.

  - Marseille soap for the whole family: it can replace shower gels, synthetic soaps and even shampoo! Hypoallergenic, it is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin (eczema, allergies, etc).
  - Marseille soap as shaving foam: it foams up a lot and can be used as shaving foam for men's beards or as shaving soap for legs.
  - Marseille soap to soothe wounds and help heal abrasions.

  - Marseille soap as a stain remover: rub the stain dry with a moistened soap block. Spread the foam over the garment, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with water.
  - Marseille soap as a detergent: grate your soap block with a cheese grater. Dilute a handful of the shavings obtained (60g) in 1L of hot water. Shake and leave for 24 hours. Stir again and add 1L of cold water, your ecological detergent is ready to use! Shake well before each use.
  - Marseille soap as a degreasing cleaner for walls, floors and household surfaces: dilute shavings of Marseille soap in a small amount of warm water. Wash the surfaces of the house, walls or floors with a broom or sponge and rinse with clear water.

WHEN TRAVELLING: Practical and economical, Marseille soap is a minimalist multi-purpose product perfect for travelling. Minimalist luggage guaranteed!

DID YOU KNOW THAT? Marseille soap helps relieve cramps and rheumatism! Simply place a piece of Marseille soap between the sheets, just at the bottom of the bed.


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