Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer
Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer
Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer
Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer
Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer
Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer
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Jazz Max _ Slow Juicer

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In the Jazz range, the versatile asset for people in a hurry The Max is the essential ally of speeded people. It effectively squeezes the juices of all fruits and vegetables, whether they are soft or hard, fibrous or grassy, ​​without altering their natural taste and nutritional properties. The freshness of taste and optimal nutrition are guaranteed by our unique extraction process.

Its use is very easy. The disassembly-washing-reassembly is super-fast. More than just a centrifuge, Max is also a soft mortar-type grinder. Overloaded hours, no time to cook? Discouraged by the centrifuge maintenance? And yet you are a fan of delicious fresh vegetable juice? Here comes your new best friend in the kitchen: Jazz Max, multifunction juicer.


Cleaning is quick and easy

The maneuver is much faster than with other equipment, including competing extractors: a maximum of one minute to disassemble, wash and assemble again. What a relief!

Jazz Max: a refreshing plate without having to cook...

In addition to fresh juices, its crusher function will offer you exquisite vegetable caviar homemade pasta tasty quick sorbets.



Availability: ships in 1 to 2 weeks

Size (with extraction block): L430 x W175 x H315 mm

Nominal voltage: 220-240 V / 50Hz 200 W

Rotation speed: 63 to 75 t / m


Note: The device is supplied as standard with the above parts. All parts are replaceable and available after sales.

The devices of the Jazz range are immediately operational. They are quick and easy to learn. The user manual is in French, clear, easy to read and complete.


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