Essential Oil Set _ Citrus Boost
Essential Oil Set _ Citrus Boost
Essential Oil Set _ Citrus Boost
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Essential Oil Set _ Citrus Boost

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Citrus Boost Set is packed with freshness and joy. All your citrus favorites: Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon, and our bestseller Energy is bundled together to turn your home into an oasis of bright, energising aroma.

  - 15 ml Energy blend (lime, bergamot, grapefruit and amyris). 
  - 10 ml Sweet Orange (citrus aurantium) sourced in Italy.
  - 10 ml Grapefruit (citrus paradisi) sourced in USA.
  - 10 ml Lemon (citrus limon) sourced in India.

ENERGY: Everyday boost.
Organic Energy is a fresh and juicy blend. Bright citrus aromas of Grapefruit, Lime, and Bergamot mixed with a dash of Amyris evoke feelings of spring and of the sun on your skin. Jumpstart your day with this energising blend.

SWEET ORANGE: The feeling of sunkissed skin.
Organic Sweet Orange is an uplifting, fresh, sweet, and energising aroma. This essential oil creates a warm vibe that takes you straight back to your happiest moments. Diffuse Sweet Orange daily to both cleanse the body and energise the mind.

LEMON: Cold lemonade on a sunny day.
Organic Lemon is bright, juicy, and fresh. Lemon is powerful for home cleansing and purifies the air and surfaces. The distinct and strong aroma is a mood booster and evokes the feeling of warm summer nights.

GRAPEFRUIT: Boost your mood.
Organic Grapefruit is energising and invigorating. It will instantly brighten your mood with its candylike smell. Grapefruit can be purifying and brightening for the skin. Diffuse Grapefruit when you need an everyday boost.

  - Morning routine: Diffuse Energy first thing in the morning while preparing for your day and brewing your morning coffee.
  - Mood booster: Diffuse Grapefruit or Lemon essential oil to create an uplifting, energetic atmosphere and to cleanse and freshen up the air.
  - Massage-boost: Mix a few drops of Sweet Orange essential oil with a carrier oil and massage into your skin for an instant energy boost. (Be careful and apply gradually if you have sensitive skin.).

HOW TO USE: Tips & tricks:
- Add 12-16 drops to your diffuser.
  - Add 2 drops to towels and bed sheets or bed covers.
  - Add a few drops to a carrier oil for massage (test gradually to check for skin sensitivity).
  - Add 5 drops to a hot bath.
  - Add 10 drops to the bottom of your shower.
  - Clean the kitchen counter and other surfaces with a few drops of oil blended with soap.

  - Testing: Not tested in animals.
  - Shelf life: 3 years unopened.
  - Quality: Certified organic, 100% pure, natural, vegan, non-toxic, synthetic-free material.

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