Woodless Pencils
Woodless Pencils
Woodless Pencils
Woodless Pencils
karst stone

Woodless Pencils

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This 5 pack of solid graphite pencils are not your average yellow #2.

Offering 5 times more graphite per pencil, this set can be sharpened for crisp line work or made blunt for expressive stores and subtle shading. The woodless construction allows versatility while saving the mess of traditional wood shavings.
The solid weight of these pencils feels luxurious in hand whether you write, scribble, doodle or draw.
Karst Pencils are made with only the good stuff & only the stuff you can actually use. So you get 5 times more pigment, and no unnecessary wood barrel.
Completely friction-free. With no grain direction in their stone paper, and because their pencils are the ideal hardness for their journals and pads, Karst Pencils simply glide across the page making shading effortless and cramp-free.

  - 5 Pack.
  - 2B Hardness.
  - Length 142mm, width 7mm.
  - Easy to sharpen with a standard pencil sharpener.
  - Matte finish keeps hands clean.
  - Tree-free.
  - Unique design.
  - Pure Graphite.

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