Single Trainer Toyfriend
Single Trainer Toyfriend

Single Trainer Toyfriend

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The Single Trainer Toyfriend are starter-level Kegel-exercisers that can strengthen and help post-birth restoration of the pelvic muscles and prevent trouble with urine-leakage, and can also create stronger sensations during intercourse and give more intense orgasms.

The Single Trainer Toyfriend is made in solid smooth seamless silicone and is easy to insert and extract, safe, hygienic and comfortable to use. The length of the string is designed for easy extraction without creating discomfort by having a bundle of string in your panties, there is no moving object inside that creates noise without adding anything to the function, and the smooth feel and ovoid design make them not only do good and feel good but also look good.


Product Specification

Color: Yellow

Material: Bodysafe Silicone

Finish: Soft Coated Silicone

Size: 26 x 31 x 100mm

Weight: 32g

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