Peruvian Palo Santo Bag _ 45g
Peruvian Palo Santo Bag _ 45g
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Peruvian Palo Santo Bag _ 45g

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Clear your mind, raise your frequency and uplift your space with the scent of these beautifully fragrant sacred sticks. Palo Santo has been used in shamanic rituals to relieve negative or stuck energy. An uplifting alternative to sage, it encourages clarity of thinking, a free and open mind. Focus the presence in your space and let this grounding wood take you to new heights.


  • A bundle of beautifully aromatic chunky Peruvian Palo Santo sticks

  • Branded with UME flower of life logo (on 1 stick per bundle)

  • Ethically sourced from licensed plantation

  • Involved in replanting Palo Santo trees


45g Palo Santo sticks inside a beautiful bag

Each stick is of varying thickness and weight, each bag have inside something like 5 to 7 sticks to have at the end 45g of Palo Santo!


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