Organic Strawberry Jam

Organic Strawberry Jam

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Strawberry jam with grape juice. By purchasing this jam, you are contributing to transforming the lives of the Nerpio Agricultural and Forestry Cooperative, in Albacete. Eatatica changes the world.

Strawberries have a notable mineral richness, especially iron. Strawberries are also rich in anthocyanins, the chemical compounds that give strawberries their color. These pigments help keep vessel walls in good condition.

INGREDIENTS:Strawberries* (60%), Concentrated Grape Juice*, Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice*.


* Organic Farming

ALLERGEN INFO: May contain traces of nuts, milk, sesame and gluten.

Nutrition per 100g
Energy 170kcal
Fat 0.08g
of which saturates 0.01g
Carbohydrates 41.54g 
of which sugars 39.51g
Fibre 1.55g
Protein 0.81g
Salt 0.01g

WEIGHT: 225g

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