Alpaca Wool Cable Socks _ Tangerine Pink
Alpaca Wool Cable Socks _ Tangerine Pink
Alpaca Wool Cable Socks _ Tangerine Pink
nishiguchi kutsushita

Alpaca Wool Cable Socks _ Tangerine Pink

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Alpaca Wool Cable Socks

Enjoy the softness of alpaca intertwined with the comfort of super fine wool within a sleek design. Nishiguchi Kutsushita have selected lustrous baby alpaca fiber produced from the hair of baby alpaca not more than one year old. They took an extra step by blending super fine wool measuring an average of 16μ to provide a natural barrier to keep cold air from reaching the skin.


About Nishiguchi Kutsushita

Established in 1950, Nishiguchi Kutsushita makes knitwear that you're sure to reach for time and again. In pursuit of their goal - Hakuhito Omoi, or "making your day extraordinary" - they carefully consider the wants and needs of their customers before setting out to exceed them. With a meticulous eye and exacting standards, Nishiguchi Kutsushita creates world-class apparel by refusing to cut corners.



Color: Tangerine Pink

Material: 40% Alpaca, 40% Wool, 20% Nylon


  - Size S: JP23-25cm, EUR36-40, USM5-7, USW6-8

Lenght: approx. 24cm

Season: Autumn/Winter


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