Square 1 _ Old Pink
Square 1 _ Old Pink
Square 1 _ Old Pink
Square 1 _ Old Pink
Square 1 _ Old Pink
Square 1 _ Old Pink
Square 1 _ Old Pink

Square 1 _ Old Pink

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Avolt is a Swedish based design studio that develops, designs and markets objects that extend electricity to devices, deploying scandinavian design for homes, offices, retail environments and public spaces.

Packed with many features, the Square 1 combines functionality with beautiful design, allowing you to add the final touch to your home or workspace. Available in a USB & Magnet Version. The USB version comes with 3 sockets and 2 USB ports and a flexible 1.8-meter cable with the exclusive finish and a specially designed plug, you can also attach the square 1 to a wall or under a table with the integrated magnet. Our new USB cables are the perfect match for your Square 1 (USB & Magnet version).


Connect to beauty

For to long have electrical neccessities been compromising architecture and interior design. Avolt was founded on the belief that commodity electronics can be beautiful, aesthetic and functional objects. 

The mission is to set a new standard for homes, offices and in the public spaces.


Stand the test of time

Avolt’s design philosophy is minimalistic at its core and derives from the foundational, basic shapes that we know stand the test of time. Inspired by the famous Bruno Munari’s trilogy “Square Circle Triangle”, every Avolt product is an homage to the simple shapes that the human race has relied on for centuries.



Sockets: 3 (Type F - 16 A, 100-240V - 50/60 HZ, MAX 3680W)

Cable length: 1.8 m (rubber finish) with F-type schuko plug

Cable Material: PVC

Cube Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.6 cm

Cube Material: Plastic (PC, ABS) (+20% recycled materials)

Base Feet material: Silicone

Total product Weight: 400 g

USB: 2x USB Type A, (Total output (when both ports in use) - 5VDC, Max 3,1A)          (Single output (when one port is used) - 5VDC, Max 2,1A)

Magnet: Yes

Childproof: Yes

Certifications: CE, S, ROHS compliant, GS compliant

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