Charcoal Shoe _ rubber black sole
Charcoal Shoe _ rubber black sole

Charcoal Shoe _ rubber black sole

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Felt shoe of 100% pure natural wool with a sole of natural rubber.

An indoor shoe allowing you to walk out with your garbage or empty your mailbox.

The shape of the shoe follows the contours of the foot, ensuring the shoe stays on.

The shoe is flexible, and it keeps the foot warm and dry, due to the characteristics of the wool, as it has a great capacity of absorbing moisture.



Glerups shoes, slippers and boots are known for their exceptional comfort. This is due to the foot-shaped and unique design combined with the softness and warmth of the wool.

The designs are also based on a long tradition of hand felting, which Glerups have transformed into innovative products of highest quality. The craft has been translated into Glerups’s industrial production where parts of the production are still done manually, since they require a special skill to accomplish. A manual dexterity which cannot be replaced by machines.

The wool is washed in soft water, then carded and felted. The felt is formed into socks, which are steam-felted for a perfect fit before soft calfskin soles are glued, then sewn on, for long lasting durability.

The soles meet the strict environmental requirements of the EU. The rubber soles are designed and constructed with a special pattern that provides a better grip on different surfaces.

The colour range is made of beautiful Scandinavian and natural colours. 




The Wool

5 good reasons you should use wool all year:

  1. Keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat

  2. Absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry

  3. Protects against odor

  4. Comfortable and soft to wear – itch-free

  5. 100% pure natural wool - good for human, nature and animal

Wool is a fantastic material that many know the benefits of wearing in winter. However, the good qualities of the wool actually also apply in summer months as well. We have gathered our experience working with this fiber 365 days a year, so here are some good reasons you should wear wool - even in the hotter months.

Many associate wool with large sweaters and wool socks when it is cold outside. But in fact, you do not have to pack wool that far away when spring looks ahead. For wool is not only reserved for autumn and winter, and we are here to help put that myth to bed.


The wool mix

Glerups started with wool from their own Gotland sheep. Over the years they have found the perfect mix of wool to give your glerups a long life. They mix Gotland wool from Denmark with quality crossbreed white wool from New Zealand, all of which lives up to the highest standards for uniform quality and animal welfare. 100% pure natural wool is used to the slippers, which have either a soft leather sole or natural rubber (except for the baby shoes, which have no outsole).


Wool is temperature regulating

Many people use wool to keep warm, but in fact wool can also help keep the body cool. That's because wool absorbs moisture without feeling damp, up to 70% by weight by the way! - This significantly outperforms synthetic fibers or cotton. It is particularly advantageous in the summer when it is hot outside. This way no matter how much you perspire you can stay feeling dry and temperature regulated.

- “Wool has always been used by both children and adults. It has a natural ability to adapt to the body's needs in all weather conditions, and it also "controls" the indoor climate in a room. That's why it boosts one's overall well-being year-round, inside and out,” explains Hadleigh Smith, Market Development Manager, New Zealand Merino Company, which supplies the New Zealand wool to Glerups.


Wool is breathable

Wool is not only sweat-absorbent, but also breathable, naturally! Wool regulates the temperature on the skin, the same way in fact it would for the sheep in nature. This is why you can easily wear wool when you are active in the forest, on the beach or at home in the garden because it transports moisture away from the body. Of course, this also applies to the feet. Just be aware that wool works best on bare skin, which is why Glerups recommend using your slippers with no socks. Bare feet are always best for Glerups!


Wool is self-cleaning

Wool is a natural product with self-cleaning properties. This is due to the natural fat of the wool fiber, lanolin. As the sheep get wet, a process is created between the lanolin and the sheep's natural basic salts from perspiration, which together form a natural soap that cleans the wool. To some extent, we benefit from the same characteristics when the wool is transformed into a blouse or a pair of slippers. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash wool products very often - in fact, they are better off just being left to breathe for a nice day in the garden. Yet another benefit for you and nature.


A natural product

Precisely because the wool is a natural product, very small vegetable fibers (grass or straw) may appear in the felt from time to time. Glerups choose's not to chemically strip the wool to prevent this from happening - they feel it also helps show how natural your footwear is! Your Glerups will typically shed for the first 3-5 weeks you wear them. This is usually due to the natural treatment of the wool and the compression underfoot to create your own custom footbed. If you find your slippers have started to shed, you just simply remove the woolen nappies and continue to use your Glerups quite normally. This process will subside over time. You will also experience color differences from production to production - this is also natural when working with 100% wool as Glerups choose to use non toxic chemicals to dye our colors. Variation means you will get a pair unique to you!  

Manufacturing with care

It has always been a clear objective to produce all our products with care for human and nature. All our models are designed in Denmark and manufactured at our own factory in Romania. We buy the skins from a European tannery, which meets the strict environmental requirements of the EU. The skins is tanned using the most modern and environmentally friendly methods, and the skins are free of PCP, AZO dyes and Chromium-VI.  


How to clean and care for your Glerups

1. Since wool has a natural ability to self-clean, your Glerups will stay fresh if you simply air them out and allow them to rest.

2. To remove stains it's suggested that you gently clean on the stain with at light wet cloth and wool soap. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but make sure that you always leave the slippers to dry before starting over again.

3. Vacuum or blow your Glerups clean of dust. Leather soles can be brushed and cleaned with a leather brush.

4. Rubber soles can be wiped with a wet cloth – make sure that they get some time to dry after cleaning.

5. Please be careful – natural rubber or leather soles may be slippery on wet and icy surfaces such as tile.

6. All Glerups products are produced in 100% pure and natural wool and therefore you may experience colour difference from batch to batch.

7. Your Glerups usually shed within the first 3-4 weeks of wear giving you a long-lasting comfortable feel for years to come. This is normal due to the natural treatment of our wool. Simply pluck the shedding fibers off and discard as desired.

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