Opoponax Incense Resin _ 20g
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Opoponax Incense Resin _ 20g

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Opoponax Incense Resin 

Opoponax is the commercially used name for the resin obtained from Commiphora Erythrea, often referred to as sweet myrrh.

It is burned to stimulate and awaken sensory perception and awareness. King Solomon considered Opopanax the noblest of all incense resins. In the past, it was the resin applied for almost all ailments, hence the name Opoponax which means “totally curative juice”.

Much appreciated in the world of perfumery and skin regeneration through the maceration process. To create an Opoponax mash and experience the broad spectrum of phytochemicals present in the resin, break the resin into fine particles and coat it with an unrefined oil such as olive oil in a glass jar. Store in the dark for at least one lunar cycle, stirring the mixture a few times a week. Strain the solids and apply the concentrated oil directly to the skin.


How to use:

Place a nugget of resin on top of a hot coal disc. This process releases smoke, which is beneficial for purification rituals and natural incense.


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