Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser
Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser
Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser
Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser
Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser
Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser
Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser

Ona _ Essential Oil Diffuser

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Ekobo's nebulizing diffuser offers the most effective way to provide both aroma and therapeutic healing with pure essential oils.

Featuring a cold atomizing technology, it does not require heat or water in its process, which maintains the oils’ beneficial properties.

This electric essential oil diffuser uses an air pump in a wooden base and it can be placed anywhere, in a house, office or spa, quickly disinfecting the atmosphere in a up to 1,000 sq. ft. surface area. Use essential oils to create your desired ambiance, mixing or changing them to suit your own whim or the theme of an evening.  



Dimensions: Ø9 x H20 cm

Materials: Recycled bamboo fiber, wood and blown glass


  • Manual intensity adjustment

  • Diffusion coverage up to 1 000 sq.ft

  • Recommended for therapeutic use.

  • Recommended use: 20 minutes


How to use:

  • Keep unit upright.

  • Insert the bottle onto the base.

  • Add 10 to 20 drops of pure essential oil along the interior wall of bottle and put on the lid. You may need to adjust the O-ring on the lid to make sure it is sealed tightly.

  • Plug the connector end of the power adapter into the DC-jack input under the base of the nebulizer.

  • Adjust the outflow of essential oil by rotating the switch knob.

  • Replenish essential oil when the outflow becomes smaller.







Please read the manual carefully and keep it in a safe place. 



Clean at least 1 time per week to avoid capillary jam and use a Cleaning Solution (non included) or a medical alcohol. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Take off the lid and remove the glass bottle from the ceramic base.

  • Pour out the remaining essential oil from the glass bottle and wash the inside with a Cleaning solution or a medical alcohol.

  • Add 30 drops of Cleaning solution or 3 ml of medical alcohol and switch ON your diffuser for 5 minutes.

  • Pour out the excedent and run the oil diffuser again until remaining Cleaning solution or medical alcohol evaporated.

  • If there is still residue of essential oil after above steps, put the glass bottle in warm water (below 45°C) with neutral detergent for half a day and then wash it again with purified water.

Can be only used after the remaining water wiped up.

Clean the bottle thoroughly before changing to different kinds of essential oil.



Please read and carefully follow the following safety precautions before using this unit. These precautions are meant to prevent injuries and damage. May cause serious personal injury.

Please keep out of reach of children and babies.

Please also keep the power cord out of their reach, as it may lead to suffocation or death.

Please do not dismantle, modify or heat the unit.

Avoid dropping or hitting the unit.

If you see smoke or detect a burning smell, unplug the unit immediately.

Do not handle the unit with wet hands.

Keep away from metal objects (i.e., pins, keys, etc.).

Do not cut, damage, modify or put weight on the power cord. This may cause an electric shock or fire.

Attention – May damage the unit:

  • Do not let liquids or foreign matter enter the unit.

  • Unplug the unit when not in use.

  • Do not place anything on the unit while in use.

  • Never move the unit while in operation.

  • Keep the power cord clear of areas where it may be tripped over.

  • Pull gently on the plug to disconnect.

Keep away from:

  • direct sunlight, sources of heat and strong drafts from air conditioners or fans,

  • electronic equipments, such as televisions and audio components,

  • unstable surfaces.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any physical damages caused by the improper use of this device.


In case of abnormal situations such as smoke, peculiar smells or sounds, any further use may result in an accident such as fire or electric shock. You should unplug the adapter immediately.

Never wrap the nebulizer with cloth or paper as it could disrupt the proper dissipation of heat, causing fire.

Never attempt to disassemble or repair the product.

Please keep the product out of reach of children to avoid injury or electric shock.

Corrosive oils such as citronella or cinnamon may cause damage to the reservoir.

Details: To extend the life of your product, Ekobo have combined FSC-certified bamboo fibre, a highly-renewable natural resource, with a 100% food-grade melamine binder. Please note, while Ekobo's products are durable and long-lasting, their eco-friendly material is not unbreakable. It will not shatter like ceramic or glass but if dropped or knocked at a bad angle on a hard surface, a chip or crack may occur.

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