Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station
Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station

Delta Pro _ Portable Power Station

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3.6-25kWh Capacity. 3600W-7200W AC Output.


  - 3.6kWh battery capacity.

A single DELTA Pro has a massive 3.6kWh battery capacity. With a portable luggage-like design, that’s a whole lot of energy to take camping, on road trips, or to keep in your garage.



  - 10.8kWh battery capacity.

Take your backup power to the next level with two Smart Extra Batteries for your DELTA Pro. With that, you’ll have 10.8kWh to take you through severe blackouts.



  - 25kWh battery capacity.

Add another DELTA Pro to the mix and you can have the ultimate home power solution. Two DELTA Pros, two Extra Batteries and two Smart Generators. Integrate it all into your home circuits with the Smart Home Panel.




3600W-7200W AC Output.
AC units, kitchen appliances and power tools are all accessible with DELTA Pro. Use a single unit to power up to 4500W¹ of appliances. Need even more power? Chain two units together to hit a record-breaking 7200W, 240V output².

¹ With X-Boost mode turned on.
² Requires use of the Double Voltage Hub or Smart Home Panel (both sold separately). 

Heading outdoors? Power your whole RV or campsite and rest easy knowing you've got enough power to keep you going for the long-haul. With DELTA Pro's plethora of ports, you can even power up to 15 devices at once.



Stay prepared no matter what. DELTA Pro introduces FlowCharge. Now, you can charge anytime, anywhere and at the fastest speeds.

  - EV Station Charging. 

That's a world first. Charge up at thousands of AC level 2 EV stations worldwide to get up to 3400W of input. Enough to charge to full in 1.7 hours. 

  - Solar Panel Charging.

Solar charging. Faster than ever.

DELTA Pro is compatible with 90% of portable solar panels. And with a 1600W input, you can charge up in as fast as 2.8-5.6 hours. Integrate DELTA Pro with your home using the Smart Home Panel and use your rooftop panels to charge up too. 

  - The world's fastest wall charge.

And of course, you can plug in at home to charge while the grid is online. Get a full charge in as fast as 1.8 hours.

   - Smart Home Panel.

Charge at home. When integrated with your home circuits via the Smart Home Panel, DELTA Pro charges at a rapid pace of 0-100% of 1.7hrs.

  - Car Charging.

Top up on-the-go. Plug directly into your car outlet to get a top up on-the-go. Ideal for when you need an extra few percent in a pinch.

  - Smart Generator Charging.

Just when you thought you were out of options.

Use EcoFlow's Smart Generator as a backup for your backup. It's smarter, more efficient and can charge your DELTA Pro in severe outages when you're all out of other options.



EcoFlow raised the bar when it comes to charging speeds. Combine AC, solar, and the Smart Generator at the same time to get record-breaking 6500W charging speeds.


  - 6500W Multicharge.



  - 5000W Multicharge.




One port to make things simple.

DELTA Pro's unique infinity port combines both AC input and output into one. It doesn't just enable the world's fastest charging and EV station charging, it also serves as a connection point for the Smart Home Panel and Double Voltage Hub. That means less adapters and cables for your setup.




It's smartter than it looks.

The extra battery port serves as a way to connect an extra battery, or even the Smart Generator to your DELTA Pro. It can discharge and recharge the Extra Battery simultaneously so you only have to operate one unit, saving you time and effort. The port also communicates with the Smart Generator to enable auto-start up when your battery levels drop to a predefined level.



Built to last.

A battery to stand the test of time.

Batteries come in different shapes, sizes and chemistries. DELTA pro picks the best of the brunch for home backup with a lifePO4 battery chemistry. That'll give you 6500+ cycles* so your battery will stand the test fo time.

* Approx. 6500+ cycles at 50% capacity.

And it keeps its cool.

Not only will your battery lasts years of heavy-duty use, it puts safety first too. EcoFlow advanced battery management system regulates voltage, current, and temperature in real time to ensure safe and optimal performace.  

Say goodbye to bulky chargers.

DELTA Pro's two-way inverter in built in. That means a sleek, lightweight charging cable without the brick you're used to. It enables X-Stream fast charging and X-Boost technology too. With that, you can power pretty much anything.



Each wire is secured and plated in copper, a key consideration in case of knocks and jolts, all while providing extra cooling. The 4 fans up auto-regulate to breathe ventilation through the unit for extra cooling.



Designed with tough ABS plastic, the exterior of DELTA Pro can take a tumble. As an added measure, we made it fire resistant too.



With a rugged, luggage-like handle, DELTA Pro can be wheeled around with ease.



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