Smudge and Incense Burner
Smudge and Incense Burner
Smudge and Incense Burner
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Smudge and Incense Burner

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Incense Burner

This incense burner is the answer to all your incense needs - a deep bowl that you can fill with salt, sand or black tourmaline chips to create a heat resistant base and a high back wall that acts as a windbreaker.

100% Portuguese pottery. Burner made of beige stoneware with a layer of glass for easy cleaning. As it is handmade, it bears the marks of its creators, expressing its true uniqueness and the care and attention dedicated to its manufacture.


How to use: 

It has triple function:

  - The front fold holds the holy wood, herb torches and incense strings.

  -  The two holes in the fold hold traditional incense sticks of any size, thick or thin.

  - The cup, with or without sand, is also the perfect base for charcoal discs, to burn resin incense, dry herbs, powdered incense or rosewood cones easily and safely. You can also place your herb torch or holy wood on top of the charcoal disc, to keep them burning longer (just lean them against the wall of the bowl with the tip resting on the lit disc).


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