Black Seed and CBD Oil
Black Seed and CBD Oil
nature's blend

Black Seed and CBD Oil

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Size: 50ml

Strength: 300mg

Strength: 3%

Nature’s Blends is proud to present a unique combination of two powerful organic oils: Black seed oiland CBD oil. At Nature’s blends, they have carefully preserved the health benefits of Black Seed Oil (extracted from Nigella Sativa plant) and CBD oil (derived from Cannabis Sativa or hemp) and created an ultimate health-promoting product so that you can harness the wonderful benefits of the two natural remedies in a single power-packed oil bottle.

Unnatural Inflammation is the root of all evils in your body. Inflammation is what causes pain and soreness. Both CBD and black seed contain compounds that possess strong anti-inflammatory properties. Black seed and CBD oil, combines the anti-inflammatory powers of the two which makes it a perfect natural help for all kinds of neuropathic and chronic pains. Owing to the use of the finest plants under quality processing, Nature’s Blends black seed and CBD oilhas no side effects and only contributes to improve your overall health and well-being.

Black seed and CBD oildrops by Nature’s Blends is a perfect natural food supplement you could ever imagine. The right mix of nutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants found in black seed oil, when combined with the mix of Phenols, Terpenes, Cannabinoids, Minerals, Vitamins, Flavonoids and essential vitamins derived from the organic hemp, the nutrients packed black seed and CBD oildrops is the ultimate food supplement you can be incorporating in your daily nutrition plan.



Black Seed Oil:

Nature’s Blend actively hunt for the best black seed farms in the Middle East and North Africa to get the best black seed oilfor you. Currently, they are importing black cumin seed all the way from Ethiopia where their team of passionate farmers work round the clock the entire season to make sure that the plant is grown and raised in its best possible form. Then, their team of processing experts take it from there and owing to their super careful cold-pressing arrangement, their black seed oil retains all its natural properties and contains no additives or pollutants.

CBD Oil:

Hemp is the plant that soaks up every last mineral in the soil it's grown in so it has to be cultivated with extreme care. The soil that is fertile, rich in minerals, and contaminant-free will give birth to a hemp plant that will reflect the soil’s properties, which is why Nature’s Blend work relentlessly on their soil to get the best mineral rich hemp and extract CBD from it using purely natural processes.


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