Almond M*LK
Almond M*LK
Almond M*LK

Almond M*LK

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This deliciously creamy almond milk is made with just 3 natural, organic ingredients and is totally free of additives and sweeteners. The ultimate dairy-free topper for your overnight oats, smoothies & granola!

Pack size: 1 Litre



Almonds, water and sea salt – that’s it!

Taste and texture expectations: Fresh and creamy.

How to use: Best with breakfast it makes a creamy topper for cereal, swirled into oats or as a base for smoothies.

Health benefits: Made with plant-based goodness Plenish almond m*lk contains 95% less sugar, 80% less saturated fat and 26% less calories than semi-skimmed milk*

Environmental benefits: Plenish Almond Milk produces 49% fewer carbon emissions than the average litre of dairy milk sold in the UK.

Kjoules 140 -
Kcals 34 -
Fat 3.1g -
Protein 1.2g -
Carbohydrate 0.4g -
of which sugars 0.2g -



Almonds are one of the most popular edible tree nuts in the world and it’s no wonder when they’re rich in vitamin E which helps to reduce oxidative stress.

Sea Salt

A controversial ingredient, but one that’s essential none the less, sea salt regulates water content in your body and promotes a healthy pH balance.


Why Plenish Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives?

Healthy You

Our organic plant-based M*lks are designed to be as pure and natural as possible. They contain up to 95% less sugar, 90% less saturated fat and 30% fewer calories than semi-skimmed dairy milk.

Healthy Planet

Animal agriculture is the single biggest contributor to green house gas emissions in the world – more than all transportation put together. Our M*lks produce up to 70% fewer emissions than dairy, helping you cut your carbon footprint.

Happy Animals

No animals are harmed in the making of our M*lks. All our produce is sourced sustainably from organic growers who seek to preserve the ecosystem in which they work, growing without the use of harmful pesticides.

100% Organic

Made only using the highest quality produce, grown without the use of pesticides and naturally high in antioxidants, our juices contain everything you need and nothing you don’t.


All our nuts and oats are grown in a high-integrity way that supports the local environment and community. They’re sent to your door in recycled and recyclable Tetra Pak bottles.


Because our milks are produced organically and sustainably, they result in 70% less air pollution (acidification) and 80% less water pollution (eutrophication) than the average dairy milk produced in the UK. Simply put, they’re a brilliant way to reduce your impact on the planet! 

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