Agros Organic Tea _ Eco-Refill
Agros Organic Tea _ Eco-Refill
Agros Organic Tea _ Eco-Refill
Agros Organic Tea _ Eco-Refill

Agros Organic Tea _ Eco-Refill

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AGROS _ 30g


This light-bodied refreshing tea can be enjoyed any time of the day. Lemon verbena and lemon balm release a delicate lemon taste which is enriched by the earthier citrus aftertaste of mountain tea. Pennyroyal and calendula with their unique aromas complement this unique character of AGROS.

Ingredients: Mountain tea*, Calendula*, Lemon verbena*, Lemon balm*, Pennyroyal*
*Product of organic farming

Notes: Light-bodied tisane with delicate citrus notes.

Occasion: Rejuvenating and refreshing.


Brewing Instructions:

The ideal way to prepare your tisane is the infusion.

For 1 cup put 1-2g [approx. 1 tsp] of the blend into a utensil.
Add hot water [95ºC], cover it with a lid and let it rest for 8-10'. Strain and serve.

- Boost the lemon flavour by adding a slice of lemon and a stem of
pennyroyal to your tea.

- Prepare it cold and enjoy a refreshing tisane for the warm months of the year.

Product Specifications:

30g | Serves 30 cups 

Whole leaf loose 

100% natural product. No added flavours, colours, sweeteners.

Naturally caffeine free.

Ethically harvested, processed and packed by hand.

Compostable kraft bag and label.

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