Agros Tea
Agros Tea
Agros Tea
Agros Tea
Agros Tea

Agros Tea

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We believe that youth is defined by all the indicators that prove the physical and spiritual health rather than the actual age of a person.

AGROS is named after its herbs which reflect the agricultural ecosystems of Greece. Ecosystems characterised by extended areas without limits and obstacles encouraging the freedom of movement, thought and spirit of a vivid person.

Enjoy an AGROS herbal tea blend and discover the youth inside you!

How to prepare:

1-2 gr
170 ml
8-10 min

AGROS herbal combination forms a blend of vivid colour with gold highlights. This light-bodied refreshing tea can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Lemon verbena and lemon balm release a delicate lemon taste which is enriched by the earthier citrus aftertaste of mountain tea. Pennyroyal and marigold with their unique aromas complement this unique character of AGROS.

  • Certified organic.
  • Naturally caffeine free.
  • You can enjoy AGROS both hot and cold.
  • Boost the lemon flavour by adding a slice of lemon and a stem of pennyroyal to your tea.


1. Find the seed stick on the underside of the lid. It is glued with organic herb seeds of some of the varieties that we use in our blends.

2. Fill the container with soil and embed the seed stick to a depth of 1 cm.

3. Water the pot daily.

4. When seedlings reach a height of 3-4cm, plant the container in a bigger planter or directly in your garden.


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