Natural Household Vinegar 500ml
le Chêne et Le Roseau

Natural Household Vinegar 500ml

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This ecological product is made due to beetroot sugar pulp fermentation. This product is made without any petrochemical  derivative.


The ready to use household vinegar Le Chêne et le Roseau is a natural and economical cleaner that helps descaling and household maintenance. It will make your house shine.

How to use:

Spray directly on the wet surface, leave to act for 5 minutes and wash with a vegetable sponge.

To make it shine: put the cleaning vinegar on a sponge, rub the object to be cleaned (glasses, pots, pans, etc.) and rinse with hot water. Finally, dry with a cloth.

To descale: put the vinegar directly on the surface you want to descale (bathroom dishes, sinks, shower, bathtub, etc.) rub with a brush or sponge, leave the product to act for about 20 minutes and rinse.

Precautions for use:

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not breathe the sprayed product. Do not use on marble or any type of porous surface.


Vinegar from sugar beet. Contains: water, vinegar.

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

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