Manuka Honey - Mono 850+MGO
Manuka Honey - Mono 850+MGO

Manuka Honey - Mono 850+MGO

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Harvested from the remotest areas in New Zealand, Manuka has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy by Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

IngredientsMonofloral Manuka Honey

How to useStore in cool dry place, not be be given to children under 1 year of age. Take 1 tbsp or up to 4 tsp up to 4 times a day as part of your daily routine.

Size: 250g


At Melora, the Mānuka is ethically harvest to create honey that can benefit you in incredible ways. A little bit of magic. A whole lot of good. 

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QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: All Mānuka honey products carry the Mānuka Originz guarantee. This gives every customer the ability to trace their New Zealand Mānuka product all the way back to its source of origin.

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MGO GUARANTEE: MGO is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is used to measure the anti-bacterial level of Mānuka honey. It’s because of these studied antibacterial effects that MGO Mānuka Honey is used to create products that may support our wellbeing – Medical grade Mānuka honey is used to aid the healing process of cuts, burns and wounds in hospitals and clinics around the world.

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SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED AT ORIGIN: Melora take's great care when working in these incredibly ancient and stunning natural environments, often flying the hives in to secure the ultimate location for their hives with minimal disturbance to the land.

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