Hemp & Herbs Tea
Hemp & Herbs Tea
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Hemp & Herbs Tea

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A relaxing and refreshing herbal blend

An easy-going, fresh and flowery herbal blend based on hemp. The other herbs are specially selected to complement hemp’s relaxing effect. Peppermint and ginger add a bit of zing, making this a wonderfully refreshing iced tea in the summer. Hemp & Herbs is a lovely infusion for a moment of calm during a busy day, or at night before bedtime.


Ingredients: Hemp leaves and flowers (65%), chamomile, peppermint, ginger, linden flowers, pot marigold. 100% organic ingredients.


  • Use 2 table spoons hemp per 1 liter, or 1 teaspoon for 1 cup of hemp tea.
  • Pour boiling water
  • Let your tea infuse for 5-7 minute

40 gram, serves 40 cups of tea 


Organic hemp tea: pure hemp and three hemp blends

Our hemp tea is available as 100% pure hemp. But we have also developed three delicious hemp blends. We have carefully composed these blends in collaboration with a tea sommelier. All our teas are 100% certified organic. And of course, we only use real herbs. No artificial flavours, no sugar, no… Nothing! Just as mother nature intended.


The taste? mild, fresh and slightly sweet with a bit of a spicy aftertaste. It’s often called a ‘mild, somewhat sweet version of green tea’.Hemp tea (officially: ‘hemp infusion’) is naturally free of caffeine. Making it a relaxing cup of tea for the evening.

  • Make of hemp leaves and flowers

  • Our hemp tea is 100% organic

  • All blends contain at least 50% hemp

  • Free of caffeine

  • Without any artificial flavorings, 100% natural

  • 40 cups of tea in each pack


Sustainable packaging:

Paper made of agricultural by-product

Cellulose-based bioplastics

Plastic free and compostable

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