Discovery Set/Travel Size _ All Skin Types
Discovery Set/Travel Size _ All Skin Types
Discovery Set/Travel Size _ All Skin Types

Discovery Set/Travel Size _ All Skin Types

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Everyday skin nutrition and hydration in 3 simple steps. 

The Discovery Set is perfect as an introduction to a new, smarter skincare routine or when travelling. 

  - High-performing.
  - Multifunctional.
  - Organic, plant-based.
  - No fillers, No additives, No BS.

This high-performing natural skincare routine supports the skin’s barrier, promotes collagen production, plumps fine lines, strengthens elasticity, stimulates skin-cell renewal, balances sebum production, and evens out skin tone. 

Formulated with 100% organic, plant-based ingredients selected for their performance, nourishing your skin with these naturally-enhancing phyto compounds:

  - Probiotics
  - Prebiotics 
  - Postbiotics
  - Hyaluronic Acid 
  - Peptides
  - Full-spectra omega-3-6-7-9
  - Antioxidants
  - Retinoic acid vitamin A
  - Vitamin C
  - Vitamin E
  - Vitamin K
  - Enzymes
  - CoQ10
  - Pyroglutamic acid
  - Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)
  - Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
  - Lactic acid (AHA)
  - Salicin acid (natural BHA)
  - Beta-glucan
  - Caffeic acid
  - Chlorogenic acid
  - Flavonoids

This 3-step routine replaces 13 products. Treating your skin to potent skincare free from fillers and unwanted additives results in happier skin, more time on your hands and less waste for the world. 

    You can now say goodbye to eye makeup remover, pre-cleans, face wash, toner, essence, serum, lash serum, brow serum, moisturiser, day cream, night cream, eye cream and setting spray.

    The Discovery Set includes all products in travel size. Perfect first-time trial kit to find your favourite trio. For optimal skin results - and to help you adjust to our easy 3-step routine.

      - FACE CLEASING OIL (30 ml) – Nurturing and gentle wipe-off cleanser, leaving your face soft and supple with the skin barrier intact. Melts away waterproof makeup and nourishes your lashes, and brows (beards too if you have one). 

      - FACE CLOTH (1pcs) – Wipes away the cleansing oil. 100% GOTS-certified linen

      - HYDRATING FACE MIST (30 ml) – Soothing multi-level probiotic moisture booster, making your face dewy and resilient.

      - BALANCING FACE OIL (7 ml) – Fast-absorbing and non-sticky botanical face oil serum, leaving your skin radiant. Typically loved by combination & oily skin, and skin prone to breakouts.

      - RENEWING FACE OIL (7 ml) – Skin-restoring and ultra-soothing botanical face oil serum, giving your skin a healthy glow. Perfect for dry or ageing skin.

    Made in Sweden with people and planet in mind, securing maximum product potency and minimising waste. 

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